• #620 Base 4 1/4 '' Molding 314MUL-4 - Baseboard by EL and EL Wood Products - The Flooring Factory

by EL and EL Wood Products

#620 Base 4 1/4 '' Molding 314MUL-4

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MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) moldings (also spelled 'mouldings') are paint grade products that provide wonderful architectural profiles at amazingly affordable prices.

Moldings are used to decorate a room by lending their decorative patterns to enhance doorways, windows, ceilings, walls, etc. Moldings can be an extension of ones creative ideas or concepts giving an unlimited amount of uses to each and every item. Each individuals ideas are unique and personal and can be an expression of ones own taste and style that lend a home or office a special look and feel.

For 45 years, EL & EL has maintained a family owned and operated company that is committed to providing superior customer service and product quality, unparalleled in the wood industry today.

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